Our Products

Our professionals will provide you one of the best residential and commercial plumbing services and products. For commercial septic maintenance and residential septic system inspection, we provide high quality products with complete assurance. Here is the range of products we provide:​

Residential Septic System Inspection

Riser Extention

Riser extensions come in 6 & 12" increments and in 20 & 24" diameters. They screw together to fit your specific needs.

Commercial Septic Maintenance

Riser Lids

Riser lids are gasketed, light weight, and screwed into place for easy access.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Safety Pan

Safety Pan serves as its own form so you can pour concrete lid to fit inside the riser system. It is about 3" tall and fits easily into the riser system.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Tank Adapter Ring

The TAR ring allows you to install Tuf Tite Risers to any flat surface. It attaches directly to the bottom of risers. Use Butyl Sealant (sold separately) for a water tight installation.

Residential Septic System Inspection

Safety Pan Lid

The safety pan lid provides an extra layer of protection against tools falling into the tank while it's open. It fits in series with the rest of the riser system. Available only in 24".

Residential Septic System Inspection

Stainless Steel Screws

Screws are included with every lid purchase. You will need to order extra screws to attach all other riser parts together.