Septic System Repair

Center Septic offers a variety of septic repair services. Septic back-ups will sometimes show that there is an issue with your system, other times they can go undetected for years! Regardless of the issue, give Center Septic a call. We will quickly come to your home for a free diagnosis and estimate of your situation and get to work to fix it as soon as possible. Center Septic is a fully insured, C42-licensed contractor and are qualified to perform a wide range of septic system repairs including:

  • Tank interior/baffle wall repair
  • Leach line addition/replacement
  • Inlet & outlet tee repair
  • Riser installation
  • Septic tank replacement
  • Inlet line from building to tank repair
  • Outlet line to leaching system repair
  • Tank top Repair
  • Replacement Lids
  • Locating service for existing systems
  • Cleanout installs

Don’t Hesitate to give Center Septic a call for any questions or concerns about your system (760)749- 0402! All diagnoses are free of charge!