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Diagnostic Dye Test Kits

Are you having trouble determining whether or not that water that is surfacing out in your yard is septic effluent or not?

Dye test kits can provide the answer. Quick and easy to use, simply add the contents of the kit directly into the septic tank and wait. Within a few days, sometimes hours you will see the dye surfacing. If not, you may have a broken sprinkler or other water source that needs attention.

Are you having trouble determining if your toilets are leaking? We also offer a test kit for your toilet. Simple and easy to use, simply drop the dye tablets into the tank of the toilet in question just before you go to bed. If you see the dye come up in the bowel in the morning, your toilet is leaking which can lead to a failed septic system if not corrected.
fancymanlogo.jpg Septic Effluent Dye Test Kit
This diagnostic dye test kit will answer the question of whether or not the moisture you see out in the yard is septic or not. Simply introduce the dye into the system through the tank or flush it down the toilet and look for the visible bright green color to appear where you see the moisture.
fancymanlogo.jpg Toilet Leak Detection Kit
A leaky toilet valve can cause a septic system to fail. The test is simple, the cost of the test is minimal when compared to the thousands that a new system can cost.